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During this COVID-19 Pandemic, we are still open and operating as an essential business. An appointment is required to receive any in person service. Call (937-602-7530 to schedule an appointment. 

At Home Kits
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We Accept Flexible Spending Accounts

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Our New Place

For your convenience, the shop is located in a discrete place, North of Dayton on N. Dixie Dr. We value your family's privacy, so we serve one family at a time.

Flexible Hours

We have flexible hours of operation to meet you and your family's schedule. Call us now for an appointment. 

Discreet Locations

Our boutiques are located in discreet areas and we offer private appointments to make you and your family feel as comfortable as possible. 

Products available online and in our boutique. 

Our T.L.R. product line is available online and in our boutique.

100% Effective 

100% Professional Support

100% Guaranteed

100% Safe for All Ages

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