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Head checks are $10 per head.  We offer FREE head checks on Tuesdays!  All family members should be checked if one of you have been infested or you think one of your family members have head lice.


Total Lice Removal is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality products.

Our Lice Removal Treatment is 100% guaranteed. 

Our Treatment and Products are completely non-toxic and pesticide-free, consisting of all natural ingredients.



Safe & Effective 3-Step Lice Removal Treatment: $135


Total Lice Removal specializes in non-toxic products and lice treatment.  Our Practitioners will throughly go through your families hair to remove all the stress, lice, nits, and nit glue that attaches to the human hair strands.  


In order to qualify for our gaurantee, all members of a household must be examined by Total Lice Removal staff and either cleared, or treated by us if lice are observed by our staff.  We do not give refunds.  If evidence of a continuing lice infestation is observed within 30 day of the initial treatment we will continue to treat up to three weeks with no additional charge.  Please save any specimen you find so we may examine them.



Flexible Spending Accounts now accepted.

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